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, a seasoned product manager who has lived multiple lives in big tech and startups.

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Who is this for?

If you are interested in learning about strategy, execution, and go-to-market in the enterprise cloud services world, you will benefit from this newsletter. Useful for those working in tech across a broad spectrum of roles including product leaders, engineering leaders, program leads, enterprise architects, c-levels, and enterprise IT leaders.

What to Expect

After 20+ years in this business, I have a strong sense of urgency to share any and everything I know about the tech world. Making people happy, helping them be successful, and passing on knowledge to others is a rewarding experience for me and elastic tier is one channel I will use to do more of that.

I have been responsible for product management, and go-to-market functions at companies ranging from startups (involio, automon) to big tech (Microsoft, Oracle cloud, Gartner). I have advised Fortune 2000 companies on their strategies for adopting and evaluating cloud computing, cloud-native technologies, application modernization, application platforms, containers, Kubernetes, DevOps tools, and advised the major hyperscalers on their go-to-market strategies on these same topics.

You can expect the elastic tier newsletter to be littered with content related to the topics above plus my thoughts and experiences managing teams and how culture, people, and processes play a major role in tech and business strategy.

Free vs. Paid

The elastic tier newsletter is free for all at the moment. You have the option to subscribe to support my work, but it is purely optional. You can expect a new issue published once per month. If demand is high, I plan to publish on a more regular cadence and may eventually convert some articles to paid. Subscribe either way for free, or optionally paid for $8/month or $80/year.

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